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Your Week 5 FanDuel NFL Lineup: Tom Brady Leads the Way

This is my Week 5 FanDuel NFL Lineup suggestion for any contest running from Sunday, October 11 – Monday, October, 12, 2015. I will include notable player information relevant to FanDuel and stats worth sharing for all of the players I suggest starting, as well as those players’ analytical breakdown as to why I think they’re the most ideal options to go with this week.

My selections from last week wound up scoring 122.06 Fantasy Points and while that total isn’t anywhere near what the highest scoring team was in FanDuel last week (229.82), it had potential to be somewhere in the vicinity if my Week 4 selections of Aaron Rodgers, Latavius Murray, Larry Fitzgerald and Seahawks D (in particular) played anywhere near the level of excellence they typically had already this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t and fell quite short of expectations and it didn’t help that my kicker (Josh Brown) was under par a bit too from what he typically did every week. Two of my other selections (Amari Cooper and Travis Benjamin) also fell just short of expectations. You should get an idea now as to why quite a few of my selections weren’t so much bad ones as they were unfortunate ones.

There was one notable selection of mine that stood out, though, and that was my Devonte Freeman one. Freeman once again had a breakthrough performance much like the one he had in Week 3 where he scored a ridiculous 39.8 Fantasy Points. He finished up with a grand total of 35.4 Fantasy Points in Week 4, so trust and believe me when I say that that was a selection I can look back upon now with sheer and utter delight.

Now, here are the players I would strongly advice selecting for your FanDuel lineups starting this Sunday:


NE – Tom Brady – Matchup: NE@DAL (Salary: $8,800 & FPPG: 26.2):

Tom Brady and his top QB FPPG average of 26.2 is back in action this week after coming off of a bye week. He goes up against a Dallas D that has given up 256.0 PYPG (Passing Yards Per Game) since the start of the season, ranking them around the middle of the pack in the league and that’s just about where most experts expect their passing D to rank for the rest of the season. That should be reassuring when selecting Brady here, especially when you also factor in what Brady has done so far this year already. It’s not unrealistic to expect at least 20+ Points out of him this week. For me, no other QB going in Week 5 gives me that 20+ Points vibe and confidence. Sure, there probably will be at least a couple of QBs who get 20+ Points later this week, but no other QB other than Brady gives you that almost assured feeling that he’ll get that and then some in Week 5.


ATL – Devonta Freeman – Matchup: WAS@ATL (Salary: $7,600 & FPPG: 23.8):

This is probably the easiest no-brainer choice here at any position. You simply cannot pass up on a player, especially a RB, who is averaging an insane 37.6 Fantasy Points in the past two weeks. That basically tells you, no matter who he’s up against next on his team’s schedule, that you have to start him. If you want to take Devonte Freeman’s matchup into consideration, though, just so that there’s almost no doubt as to whether or not starting him is a good idea, know that he goes up against a Redskins D that is giving up just over 100 RYPG (Rushing Yards Per Game). The 107.6 RYPG average that Washington’s D is giving up is just a little bit better than what half of the teams in the league give up right now, so deciding on whether or not to start Freeman here should be a very easy decision to make.


DEN – Ronnie Hillman – Matchup: DEN@OAK (Salary: $6,600 & FPPG: 8.2):

It seems as though Ronnie Hillman has played into a position where if he continues to thrive in limited duty, his rushing attempts could increase more and more each week as the season progresses. Hillman made the most of his opportunities last week by rushing for 103 yards on only 11 carries. In one play, in particular, he ran for a 72-yard touchdown. If he can somehow maintain some level of excellence similar to the type of production he had last week, he should be a good bet for another solid day in DFS. Granted, his potential success also heavily depends on whether or not starting RB C.J. Anderson decides to show up one of these weeks. Anderson has only managed to average 29.25 RYPG since the start of the season. That leads many DFS players to believe right now that Anderson’s days as Denver’s starting RB may be just about over and that Hillman could be the sleeper pick of the week if Anderson continues to show no signs of life in Week 5. Hillman’s cheap price tag is also a nice plus here.


NE – Julian Edelman – Matchup: NE@DAL (Salary: $7,700 & FPPG: 19.0):

Julian Edelman is essentially the new Wes Welker when Welker was in his prime with New England. Tom Brady loves throwing to this guy and it shows. Edelman has now caught an average of 10 passes a week since Week 1 and two of those receptions have been touchdowns. What really stands out about him too here is that you can get him at a reasonable price ($7,700) and expect him to put up numbers closer to what a typical $8,500+ receiver goes for. He’s an easy choice to make here.


GB – James Jones – Matchup: STL@GB (Salary: $6,400 & FPPG: 16.1):

Aaron Rodgers has really grown fond of James Jones this season. Rodgers has targeted Jones enough this year to make it pretty clear that he is Rodgers’ second favorite throwing target. Jones’ 16.1 FPPG average is as solid as they come for the price he is going for ($6,400) at the WR position. He may not be Rodgers’ main target in most weeks this season, but he has the ability to be the main target in some weeks. Rams D may roughly be about average to start the year in terms of PYPG, but they were slightly below average in 2014, meaning, St. Louis is a team that can be passed on. Look for Jones to have a notable game this week.

Note: If Jones (who’s health status is currently Questionable for Week 5) sits out this week, be sure to go with Browns WR Travis Benjamin here instead.


TEN – Kendall Wright – Matchup: BUF@TEN (Salary: $5,900 & FPPG: 13.7):

Kendall Wright continues to fly under the Fantasy radar. For a guy going for less than $6,000 here ($5,900), you would expect a FPPG average closer to just over 10.0 or even below that. You get a receiver at this spot who has averaged close to 14.0 PPG and who should be a good bet at getting at least double-digit points this week. He and rookie QB Marcus Mariota have a chemistry growing more and more as the season moves along. This is my best cheap buy option of the week.


NE – Rob Gronkowski – Matchup: NE@DAL (Salary: $8,400 & FPPG: 20.9):

Rob Gronkowski (AKA- Gronk) is typically an easy selection to make at the TE position. You simply can’t find a better option at this position other than Gronk when his price tag is well under $9,000. You’d be foolish to take anyone else here this week. Not much else needs to be said in this spot. Do the right thing and take him here without even questioning it.


SD – Josh Lambo – Matchup: PIT@SD (Salary: $4,500 & FPPG: 8.3):

I wouldn’t normally take Josh Lambo in this spot, but this is where I had to make a drastic sacrifice in terms of how much money I was willing to blow at this point. I can admit that Lambo wouldn’t even crack my top five list of kickers I would’ve gone with this week if money wasn’t even a factor, but in terms of getting a kicker at a rock bottom price, you could do at lot worse in this spot than going after Lambo. He is coming off of a game where he hit all three of his field goal attempts and wound up with a very good Fantasy Point total of 14 Points against the Browns. It’s not unrealistic to expect close to double-digit points from him against Pittsburgh this week and with any luck, maybe you’ll get even even more than that. After all, the Chargers probably won’t have to go out of their way to score a bunch of touchdowns this week since Pittsburgh’s offense looks lost with Michael Vick filling in at the starting QB position for Steelers injured starting QB Ben Roethlisberger. That’ll probably mean San Diego will be more than comfortable with keeping it conservative, pass wise, on the offensive end. That could, in turn, push them to running the ball a lot this week and then leave it up to Lambo to convert on multiple field goal attempts on drives that San Diego’s Offense faltered in.


Tennessee Titans – Matchup: BUF@TEN (Salary: $4,100 & FPPG: 7.7):

This was yet another selection I made where I had to take price into consideration quite a bit. Regardless, this D could very well put up a solid amount of points this week. At least double-digit points is a possibility since Buffalo is coming off of a game where their offense only managed to score 10 points against a less than stellar Giants D. The Bills will also be without their starting RB LeSean McCoy (hamstring) this week and might even have to go up against Buffalo without their very productive fill-in starting rookie RB Karlos Williams (concussion), so their offense might have a hard time scoring some points in Week 5. When taking all of this into consideration, you can see why the Titans D is a solid cheap buy in this spot.

About the author: CD Hill has played fantasy sports (NFL, MLB and NBA) for over 20 years with 4+ years experience in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and has come to learn over the years how to select ideal lineups in DFS games through years of comprehensive player research and noticed statistical trends factored in. In DFS competitions, one has to know how to notice many variables that help a competitor select the best possible lineups, potentially. The process is a complex one, but I do my best to save my readers the time and energy it would normally take them on their own to try and submit a potential winning lineup in their DFS competitions. CD is currently a NFL, MLB and NBA fantasy sports and DFS writer for FantasyPros.com, Fantrax.com, as well as FantasyScouts.com. You can follow CD on Twitter @CDHill81.

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