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Your Week 4 FanDuel NFL Lineup: Let’s Start with Aaron Rodgers

Hello again, NFL FanDuelers. In this article, I will be giving you my recommendation on who to start in any Week 4 FanDuel NFL Competition (for any contest starting on Sunday, October 4, 2015). I will include notable player information relevant to FanDuel and stats worth sharing for all of the players I suggest starting with my analytical breakdown as to why my player selections are the most ideal options to go with this week.

With all of that said, here are the players I would strongly advice selecting for your FanDuel lineups tomorrow:


GB Aaron Rodgers – Matchup: GB@SF (Salary: $9,600 & FPPG: 26.1):

With Tom Brady and the Patriots off this week, Aaron Rodgers and his stellar 26.1 FPPG average becomes the clear-cut favorite to go with at the QB position in Week 4. Rodgers goes up against a struggling 49ers team who’s defense has given up an average of 31.0 points per game since the start of the season (second worst in the league just behind the 35.0 average the Bears D has given up since Week 1). Yes, Rodgers’ price tag is very high here, but he’s more than worth the selection because you know he’s usually as dependable as they come when it comes to putting up a good amount of fantasy points in any given week and his matchup with a weak San Francisco Defense should give you even more confidence in him having the best week out of all starting QBs playing this week.


OAK – Latavius Murray – Matchup: OAK@CHI (Salary: $7,500 & FPPG: 16.4):

Latavius Murray is coming off of a week where he ran for 139 yards on 26 carries (to go along with one rushing TD and one catch for 10 yards) against a Cleveland Browns D that has struggled to stop running backs (in general) from doing well against them since the start of the season. He now gets to face another team that has struggled to stop the run all season long so far in the Chicago Bears. Bears D has given up an average of 135.7 rushing yards per game since Week 1. Murray could very well be a top three RB this week and at the price he’s going for ($7,500), he’s simply too tough to pass up on. There are eight other RBs going for a higher price tag than him this week (ranging between $7,600-9,000), so consider this selection a steal.


ATL – Devonta Freeman – Matchup: HOU@ATL (Salary: $7,200 & FPPG: 20.0):

Devonta Freeman exploded onto the scene last week. The Falcons were initially in a situation where he and rookie RB Tevin Coleman seemed to be in a running back by committee approach until Coleman suffered a rib injury in Week 2. That unfortunate happening cleared up a muddled situation at the starting RB spot that initially was stopping either RB from getting a bulk load of carries in any given week. In Week 3, Freeman was allowed to run the ball with regularity and it paid off for Atlanta. He had 30 carries for 131 yards rushing, three rushing touchdowns, five receptions and 52 yards receiving that totaled out to almost 40 fantasy points (39.8). With Coleman expected to sit out in Week 4, Freeman becomes a very intriguing option to go with this week against a Texans D that is currently in the middle of the pack (roughly), stats wise in the NFL, when it comes to most rushing yards against since the start of the season (108.7). Freeman’s price tag is also very ideal, so selecting him here is going to leave you with a good amount of money still to spend on some quality WRs (as you’re going to see in a moment).


ARI – Larry Fitzgerald – Matchup: STL@ARI (Salary: $7,400 & FPPG: 24.9):

It’s been a year of resurgence so far for Larry Fitzgerald. He and Carson Palmer seem to be clicking a lot more this season offensively than they ever have before as teammates. Fitzgerald is the second highest scoring WR in FanDuel so far (24.9 FPPG) and he looks to continue to keep that trend going against a pretty formidable Rams D. Now, there are arguably better options to go with as a top WR selection (especially when considering matchups), but when price is a consideration too, Fitzgerald is the best option to go with here in order to spread out your remaining money at your other two WR positions with quality selections. That’s what makes grabbing Fitzgerald at under $7,500 an excellent choice as your first receiver selected. You know your money is starting to get thin here, so be smart about it and go with Fitzgerald in this spot.


OAK – Amari Cooper – Matchup: OAK@CHI (Salary: $7,300 & FPPG: 14.3):

Rookie phenom receiver Amari Cooper is off to a splendid start with Raiders starting QB Derek Carr. He now has back-to-back 100+ receiving yard games to go along with one receiving TD in that span. The Raiders go up against a Bears D this week that has held down big passing numbers (in general) this season, but has failed mightily to keep points off the board (35.0 PPGA). Granted, a lot of Chicago D’s struggles have been more so against the run instead of the pass this year, but they did show some signs of weakness in their passing defense against a capable passing team a couple a weeks ago (Carson Palmer of the Cardinals, in particular) that threw for four TD passes that week. Plus, what works in Cooper’s favor here is that the Raiders passing offense has been hitting on all cylinders of late. Carr now has 665 passing yards and five passing TDs the past two weeks. Those are solid numbers that can’t be ignored even when considering matchup dilemmas. Cooper is also a solid buy here with potential top five WR potential in Week 4.


IND – Donte Moncrief – Matchup: JAC@IND (Salary: $6,300 & FPPG: 16.5):

Donte Moncrief should have a very productive game this week with the usually efficient Andrew Luck throwing his way. Their matchup against the Jaguars this week looks to be a good one since Jacksonville’s D has given up the third most points in the league so far (91). The Colts might have plenty of receiving options to go with, but Moncrief has already managed to haul in one 100+ yard receiving game, also has 200 total receiving yards padded up after three weeks of action and has caught a TD pass in each one of Indy’s past three games. He also comes at a price that’s virtually impossible to pass up on for a guy who might outperform WRs who’s salaries are going well above his price tag this week.

Note: If Luck (who’s health status is currently Questionable for Week 4) sits out this week, be sure to go with Browns WR Travis Benjamin here instead.


BUF – Charles Clay – Matchup: NYG@BUF (Salary: $5,200 & FPPG: 10.8):

New Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor really seems to be gelling with Charles Clay more and more as the season progresses. Clay finished with 82 receiving yards last week on five catches and hauled in one touchdown reception. Clay also had a TD reception in week two and has seen his targets increase every week. The Bills face a Giants D in Week 4 that has given up a league worst 1,007 passing yards already this season. Clay is a strong play here who comes at a very nice price.


NYG – Josh Brown – Matchup: NYG@BUF (Salary: $4,800 & FPPG: 13.0):

Josh Brown has been a field goal machine so far for the Giants and there’s no reason to believe he won’t get his fair share of field goal attempts this week against a Bills D that has been one of the league’s better defenses in terms of stopping touchdowns converted from the red zone. Brown is one of the higher priced kickers this week, but he should be worth the investment if the Giants continue to falter offensively when it matters most and have to fall back on settling for field goals like they’ve been doing for much of the season already.


Arizona Cardinals – Matchup: STL@ARI (Salary: $5,000 & FPPG: 17.0):

The Cardinals D faces a Rams offense that ranks as one of the least productive offenses in the league in terms of factoring in their total yards a game average (314.7). Only four other teams in the NFL have done worse than them so far when concentrating on that specific offensive category and the Rams offense is also a bit below the league average in terms of scoring proficiency (ranked 21st overall with a 20.3 points per game average since Week 1). To make matters even worse for the Rams, Arizona’s D is ranked fifth in the league in terms of points allowed per week (18.7) and has found ways to score defensive touchdowns of late due to proficient defensive back play. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Seahawks D against the Lions would have been the most ideal choice this week, but don’t sleep on my selection of the Cardinals D here. I may have just missed the mark in being able to afford the Seahawks D at $5,300 this week, but I saw no other options to go with at other positions that would’ve made my overall selections at certain positions (with Arizona D included) look foolish.

Note: If you wind up starting Browns WR Travis Benjamin as your third receiver, though, the Seahawks D (which you could then afford with Benjamin starting as your third receiver) becomes another ideal option to go with here and is actually my preferred one.

About the author: CD Hill has played fantasy sports (NFL, MLB and NBA) for over 20 years with 4+ years experience in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and has come to learn over the years how to select ideal lineups in DFS games through years of comprehensive player research and noticed statistical trends factored in. In DFS competitions, one has to know how to notice many variables that help a competitor select the best possible lineups, potentially. The process is a complex one, but I do my best to save my readers the time and energy it would normally take them on their own to try and submit a potential winning lineup in their DFS competitions. CD is currently a NFL, MLB and NBA fantasy sports and DFS writer for FantasyPros.com, Fantrax.com, as well as FantasyScouts.com. You can follow CD on Twitter @CDHill81.

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