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The Secret Mischievous Reasons People Hire Me to Draft Their Fantasy Team for Them

fantasy football consultant

I draft teams for people that need help or can’t make their draft.

It’s 2014 and people are lining up to hire me as their draft consultant. (BTW, I’m not arrogant about my fantasy abilities but I’m disciplined, research the experts thoroughly, and have about 14 years experience.)

Anyways, there’s 3-4 different background stories as to why people hire me and I think they’re pretty entertaining.

The Wife

Recently, I had a wife email me and ask if I could beat her husband for her. I could picture her with a sneaky smile as she wrote the email. Her husband and her were entering an ESPN league and the competition was to see which one would finish first.

She knew nothing about fantasy football. She spelled mock as “mach” but she wanted to knock her husband down a peg and own Sunday football.

The Made Fun Of

Another new client for the 2014 season hired me for multiple redraft leagues and a keeper. In his keeper league, he was the laughing stock from last year with owners mocking his keepers.

He hired me as an equalizer. Some of his picks were bad there’s nothing to stop him from having a shot at the title this year.

The Beginner

I talked to another guy on the phone today who was new to fantasy football but wanted to compete right away. This is probably the second most common reason.

There’s no ulterior motive like the wife example here. They just want to win without spending days of their life to catch up to speed.

It’s pretty smart if you think about it. If you knew nothing about fantasy football but were excited about it and wanted to play, you’re better off competition wise by having someone handpick your team and then learning the game as the season goes along.

While the how-to aspect is fairly simple, putting the whole package together is very involved.

The Live Draft Sneak Attack

Everyone gets a kick out of this story. I had a guy that really talked some trash but knew nothing about ff. So he had this live draft where everybody’s on their computer and he pretended like he knew what he was doing but really it was me making all the picks using GoToMyPC.

Still makes me smile.

I felt bad because I didn’t deliver the championship for him and he really talked a lot of trash. I told him beforehand that I wasn’t the only one that knew what they were doing and that of course championships are not to be guaranteed but I really wanted him to win.

The Wedding Planner

Last year it seemed like everyone was getting married in August. I think I had 3 guys hire me because their wives had committed them to penguin suits and chicken dinners.

It sucks if you can’t make your draft but they took solace in hiring me instead of auto drafting. Prior commitments is probably the biggest reason why people pay me $40 to draft their team.

If you happen to need my consulting or drafting services for 2014, visit fantasyfootballking.com.

To read more about what my advice, click here.

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