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The Complete Guide to Draftstreet Million Dollar Fantasy Football Championship (DFFC) 2013

I am psyched for the Draftstreet $2.5 million fantasy football championship. First place gets $1 million. There’s $750,000 more in cash. 40 trips to Las Vegas will be given away to qualifiers. This is as excited as I’ve been in a long time for fantasy football.

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With that said, I need to know exactly how the Draftstreet.com million dollar challenge works so I’ve decided to help you as well by providing this complete guide to the first Fantasy Football Millionaire game. Here’s the breakdown on Draftstreet’s million dollar league:

How the Draftstreet.com Million Dollar Fantasy Football Championship Works

Every week there will be at least two qualifiers for a trip to Las Vegas to be 1 of 40 competing for the million dollars. The qualifiers range in price. The qualifiers look like they will all be salary cap leagues. For example, in week 1, there are $22, $55, and $215 qualifiers.

Now, you may be thinking, I’ll just play in the $22 qualifier. Well it’s not that easy. There are more players in the cheaper qualifiers.

In the $22 qualifier, there are 3,000 entries available. The good news is there are prizes beyond first place. $16,000 in prizes is available beyond the “DFFC” Main Event Entry. The top 250 places cash. Second place gets $2,400. You can have up to 10 entries.

The $55 qualifier has 1,200 entries. The top 100 places get paid from a $16,000 prize pool. You can have up to 10 entries. Second place gets $2,400.

In the $215 qualifier, you can also have up to 10 entries out of 300 total. Second place gets $3,500. The top 25 are paid.

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Those are the qualifiers for week 1. The official page for the DFFC says “up to $420 entry” so it looks like later in the season there will be $420 entries for qualifier leagues. I’ll assume those leagues have 150 entries available.

Edit: Draftstreet.com says, “Qualifiers range from 150 to 3,000 entries” so I’m right about the $420 entries.

There’s also mention of joining a satellite for $2 to win a qualifier but I don’t see any details of that. If you’re entering for $2, I’ll bet the entries are going to be very high and the odds will be stacked tremendously.

Ok so there’s $2,500,000 in prizes available. $1.75 million of that is cash for the people that go to Las Vegas. The other $750,000 goes to people who place in the qualifiers (for example, $3,500 going to second place in the $215 league). Here’s the prize structure or how the cash is distributed to those final 40 who go to Las Vegas:

1. $1,000,000
2. $250,000
3. $100,000
4. $50,000
5. $30,000
6. $25,000
7. $20,000
8. $15,000
9-10. $12,000
11-14. $10,000
15-18. $9,000
19-24. $8,000
25-40. $7,000

On top of that, all 40 qualifiers will get a free round trip flight to Las Vegas and stay at the Venetian hotel. There’s a Saturday Night welcome party (I’d probably be studying football news) and then Draftstreet’s official page says “all day Sunday” at Lagasse’s Stadium in The Pallazo which I assume means watching the football games and keeping track of the scores.

Championship Sunday is December 15, 2013.

That is the complete guide to how the Draftstreet Million Dollar Fantasy Football Championship works. I can guarantee you this: You will see me in some of the qualifier leagues.

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