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Hire Someone to Manage Your Fantasy Football Team for 2015

A deceptive thing about having a season long fantasy football team is how much time it actually takes to manage it. You can literally spend 4-5 hours a week scouting the waiver wire and trying to figure out who to add/drop and who to start/sit.

That’s a huge time commitment and one of the reasons I offer weekly team management for fantasy football. Myself and Scott Williamson of roster maintenance have teamed up to take care of your team for you.

fantasy football weekly roster management services

If you want to do make all the moves, no problem – but we do offer a full service where we’ll actually take care of everything for you. We’ll determine who you need and submit your waivers and we’ll even decide on trades if you’d like.

The charge is $25 per week and you can hire us for blocks of time (say weeks 4-8) or week-by-week, it’s completely up to you.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee we spend several hours each week staying up to date on the latest news and analysis and will apply that to your starters and your waiver wire.

On close calls, it’s impossible to know how to start even 70% of the time but we use our best judgment and you can trust that we’ve put in the time to make our recommendations to you (if you want the final decision) or for us to start the right players.

On the waivers, you can have peace of mind knowing that we know who to target for value (best player available) and for your team (to meet your positional needs).

If you would like to place an order for weekly management services, go to FantasyFootballKing.com.

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