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Fantasy Baseball Roster Management and Consulting Services

fantasy baseball consultant

Scott will help you with your fantasy baseball team.

Need someone to watch over your fantasy baseball team for a week or two or even longer?

RosterMaintenance.com now offers a roster management service where a fantasy baseball expert will take over your team and handle everything for you on a weekly basis.

Scott Williamson is the expert at RosterMaintenance. He has played fantasy baseball for 9 seasons, advancing to the championship game 5 times and winning the league title 3 times.

You can hire Scott to take care of your team if you’re having a busy week or just have some critical decisions you’d like a second opinion on from a neutral expert.

Curious about what Scott can do for you? Send him an email at rostermaintenancehelp@gmail.com and ask him about outsourcing all the work involved in fantasy baseball and how he can save you time.

You can literally spend hours every week making fantasy decisions. If you find yourself with a job instead of a fun hobby and need some help with the roster workload, this service was designed for you.

Have questions about a draft plan? Have another service request? Go to RosterMaintenance.com to ask about a custom order.

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