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DFS NFL Players You Should Avoid Starring Antonio Brown

Hey, DFS NFL players. In this article, I will be covering NFL players that should be avoided in all types of popular DFS sites’ competitions due to a variety of reasons I will get into in a moment. These are players I would highly recommend avoiding right now.

All of these players have either lost a teammate via injury that is crucial to their success and/or have not performed as well as they normally have in the past for a period of time that should now make thinking about starting these players in DFS competitors’ starting lineups an unacceptable thought.

Here are the players to be weary of and I assure you, you are better off looking elsewhere to fill out your roster(s) with potential winning lineup(s) for the time being.

STEELERS – WR – Antonio Brown (GP: 4, Rec: 34, Rec YDS: 478, Rec TD: 2):

For the first three weeks of the season, Antonio Brown was averaging close to ten catches (9.7) and roughly 145 receiving yards per week (to go along with two touchdown receptions in that span). He is now coming off of a game in Week 4 where he only had five catches for 42 yards receiving and the most obvious reason for this type of drop off, performance wise, was because of the absence this week of Steelers starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who suffered a knee injury in Week 3’s Steelers/Rams game. Fill-in starting quarterback Michael Vick doesn’t seem to have the same pizazz as Roethlisberger and that clearly shown to be the case with his lackluster performance this week (completed only 5-of-6 passes for 38 passing yards and 0 TD passes). Unless Brown’s DFS salaries decrease significantly in DFS sites, he should simply be avoided for now and that could be a while since Roethlisberger could be out for several weeks still. Vick has to show some kind of rapport with Brown and/or Brown’s salary in DFS games has to drop significantly for him ever to be considered again for a WR spot in DFS games in the coming weeks.

BRONCOS – RB – C.J. Anderson (GP: 3, Car: 32, Rush YDS: 74, Rec: 6, Rec YDS: 30, Rush TD: 0):

Now C.J. Anderson may be going for a solid price in DFS sites if he was playing at the level he was playing in the 2014 season, but that’s simply not the case in the 2015 season. He is currently averaging well under what most mid-tier DFS RBs are averaging FPPG wise and is more so playing at a level more comparable to low-tier DFS RBs and that is alarming. He really needs to get it going soon or he may find himself in a backup role at the running back position for Denver in the near future. There are must-start players and then there are players like Anderson right now who steer quite clear of that. He’s one of the least appealing options in all of DFS NFL, especially at the price he is still going for in DFS sites.

LIONS – WR – Calvin Johnson (GP: 3, Rec: 20, Rec YDS: 199, Rec TD: 1):

Calvin Johnson has yet to accumulate at least one 100 yards receiving game this season and has only managed to find the end zone once since the start of the season. He is also still priced at salaries in DFS games that would give any DFS player the impression that he is roughly a top five WR at the moment, which he clearly is not. Avoid selecting Johnson for now and this week should further convince you to do just that since he has to face a stellar Seahawks D this week. It’s not fair to say that Johnson isn’t quite the player he used to be yet, but he did just turn 30 years of age a few days ago and that’s not typically an age that helps keep star players performing at their best.

49ERS – QB – Colin Kaepernick (GP: 3, RAT: 71.1, Pass YDS: 567, TD Passes: 2, INT: 4, Rush YDS: 138, Rush TD: 1):

It’s been a rough going so far for Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers. His stats speak for themselves. You’d be best suited avoiding selecting this quarterback in all DFS leagues because he’s barely even performing at a FPPG mid-tier level and yet is still being priced in all DFS sites like a legit mid-tier level player. He needs to show more consistency this season and play more like the QB that threw for over 300 yards, converted two TD passes and ran for just over 50 rushing yards in Week 2. Otherwise, he shouldn’t even be considered again in DFS leagues until such a performance reappears. This week probably won’t be the week that happens, though, because San Francisco has to face an imposing Packers team that is off to an impressive 3-0 start.

About the author: CD Hill has played fantasy sports (NFL, MLB and NBA) for over 20 years with 4+ years experience in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and has come to learn over the years how to select ideal lineups in DFS games through years of comprehensive player research and noticed statistical trends factored in. In DFS competitions, one has to know how to notice many variables that help a competitor select the best possible lineups, potentially. The process is a complex one, but I do my best to save my readers the time and energy it would normally take them on their own to try and submit a potential winning lineup in their DFS competitions. CD is currently a NFL, MLB and NBA fantasy sports and DFS writer for FantasyPros.com, Fantrax.com, as well as FantasyScouts.com. You can follow CD on Twitter @CDHill81.

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